Hydroxycitric Acid Guide

Hydroxycitric acid, commonly known as HCA, is a citric acid which can be found in some tropical plants, especially in Garcinia Cambogia that is popular. Lately there are a lot of products on the market which claim to provide a massive weight loss effect by combining HCA with other ingredients in a weight-loss supplement. There have been a lot of research trials to determine the exact effect HCA has on weight loss.

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HCA which was extracted from Garcinia Cambogia was put on clinical trials in New Zealand and the results showed that HCA does cause a weight loss in a short time, up to 12 weeks. Further clinical studies needs to be conducted, but as it seems, HCA and Garcinia Cambogia can provide some good results when it comes to weight loss. Aside from the weight loss effect, it was shown that HCA has the effect on serotonin release. Usually when the serotonin in the brain is released, the need for food decreases. The release of serotonin also has many other good effects on the human body, and on the human psyche.

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There are many reports of subjects in the trials saying that they experienced a boost in energy levels, and that their day is much more productive since they have been taking Garcinia Cambogia HCA. The HCA blocks fat cells so they can’t inhibit the citrase lyase. CL is an enzyme which is responsible for creating fat cells. The idea is that before a meal, you take the pill and enjoy the beautiful magic of science. Serotonin is released, you feel happier, your appetite is low and the fat cells are stopped from being produced.

Today, when obesity is one of the biggest health problems in the modern world, the search for the best weight loss product is really hard. Tests which the potential products need to go through are serious and the standards high. They involve many different placebos which are used in the same time with the potential product. 60% of the Garcinia cambogia HCA is used for the test. A two-week long test is conducted on several men and women, aged between 20 and 60. The results which were conducted until today showed that after those two weeks the fat loss in women is higher than that in men.

Hydroxycitric Acid’s Potent Effects On The Body And Metabolism